What is District Health Centre Express (DHC Express)?
The DHC Express is a primary healthcare initiative of the Government. Through public-private partnership, medical-social collaboration, it provides district-based primary healthcare services aiming to:
Enhance public awareness of disease prevention;
Drive healthy lifestyle;
Prevent development of chronic diseases and early symptom detection;
Support the chronically ill to prevent complications;
Establish rehabilitation plan to enhance capability in self-management of health;
Enhance client access to primary healthcare service.

Who are the target clients of the Scheme?
Residents or working individuals in the district of the corresponding DHC Express.

Is there any registration or membership fee for DHC Express?
Registration and membership fees are free. The membership is lifelong.

How many centres are there for Central & Western DHC Express?
Each DHC consists of a core centre and a service point, being the healthcare service and resource hubs of the district.

Who is eligible to receive DHC Express service?
An individual who
1. is a holder of the Hong Kong Identity Card issued under the Registration of Persons Ordinance (Cap. 177, the Laws of Hong Kong), except those who obtained their Hong Kong Identity Cards by virtue of a previous permission to land or remain in Hong Kong granted to him and such permission has expired or ceased to be valid; or a child who is a Hong Kong resident and under 11 years of age; and
2. agrees to enrol in the electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHRSS); and
3. is a resident or an working individual in the district of the corresponding DHC Express.

What services are included in the DHC Express?
The Scheme includes primary, secondary and tertiary prevention programmes. Primary prevention programme consists of health promotion and disease prevention activities. Secondary prevention includes screening for diabetes mellitus and hypertension in targeted group of clients. Tertiary prevention programmes cover chronic disease management and community rehabilitation.

Can the Network Service Providers access a DHC Express user client’s medical record in the eHRSS?
To facilitate continuity of care, all DHC Express users and Network Service Providers are required to enrol in the eHRSS. With prior consent from the client, clinical information will be shared with the service providers through eHRSS, on a need-to-know basis.

If a DHC Express user terminates participation in the eHRSS, is he still eligible to join the DHC Express services ?
All DHC Express members must enrol in eHRSS. The DHC Express will be difficult to provide a coordinated service to the client who withdraws from eHRSS. Therefore, the client user will have to terminate the membership of the DHC Express.

For more FAQs on eHRSS, please click here.

What are the functions of the core centre and the service point?
The core centre will offer primary healthcare services through individual service sessions and group intervention. It will provide primary, secondary and tertiary prevention programmes. The service point will offer primary prevention programmes and other group activities.

When will the Central & Western DHC Express start operating?
Central & Western DHC will start operating from 30 October, 2021. The opertation duration is 3 years.

What documents shall a person present when he registers in the DHC Express service Scheme?
He should present the identity document and residential address proof.

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